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25. & 26. september 2015 @ ://about blank / berlin

Perspectives and limits of subcultural diversity
Is everything that glitters really gold?
For example the visibility of women and men as an ambivalent dimension.

Round Table I: 20:00-21:00pm (in German)
Ena Lind (MINT), Janine Fubel (://about blank), Dorit Chrysler (Musician, Perspectives Festival), Anne Groß (Springstoff Label/ Agency). The panel discussion will be moderated by Stefanie Alisch.

Round Table II: 21:00-22:00pm (in English)
Eva Kietzmann (Bildwechsel Berlin), Maria Mohr (Pro Quote Regie Berlin), Chris Köver (Missy Magazin), Bettina Wackernagel (Heroines of Sound). The panel discussion will be moderated by Tamara Atanasoska.

The talks are curated by Bianca Ludewig.

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