pressestimme zur DOUBLE PROJECTIONS performance am 10.10. in der akademie der künste (als PDF)
Tagesspiegel, 12.10.14, Claudia Wahjudi

english translation:

Fragile Europe
A performance at the Academy of Arts

Some 80 visitors flocked to the Academy of Arts on Hanseatenweg – not to ask questions, but to float in a meditative performance put on by eleven creative artists from Bucharest, Paris, Berlin, Vilnius, Mainz and Athens. The Academy had once again asked its young scholarship winners from 2013 to come to Berlin for the “Schwindel der Wirklichkeit” (“Vertigo of Reality”) exhibition, including Slovenian composer Bojana Salijic Podesva and Israeli artist Assaf Gruber from Berlin. They have now arranged the “Double Projection” performance – with films, dance, text, Skype and photos on strings. It looks so easy and casual, as if it is the most obvious thing in the world to equally combine the interdisciplinary with the transnational. What’s it all about? Primarily digitality, Europe, tourism and consumption. Crisis, Brussels, Berlin, Athens. But actually something completely different: the audience.
Visitors are offered something which other performances and exhibitions lack: an appealing ambiance. They can enjoy themselves, loll around, wander around, browse through books, touch pictures, smoke, and come back in. Yet there is no unease or trouble. There is evidently a need to sit quietly with one another and listen to stories, even if narrative threads get lost in the ether. But there’s no campfire vibe; the topics and settings are too precarious for that. Nor is there any triumphant total work of art. Visitors are instead left with an uncomfortably fragile impression. As if the concept of Europe may soon be over. Perhaps that is why remain so shy. But it is also nice to be able to sit in Werner Düttemann’s vast structure and not have to do anything but reflect on one’s thoughts in peace.

CLAUDIA WAHJUDI, tagesspiegel 12.10.2014

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